Online Application

Application Form

We have designed the application process to be as easy and straightforward as possible. It should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete and submit the form below which will then be processed by our office staff. You must be able to provide two references with a clear preference for driving work related references. Where these are not available then other work or personal references may be accepted. We will contact you before contacting your references to progress the application. 

Your email address

We will contact you ahead of talking to any references. Failure to complete the form accurately and completely will result in your application being held up or rejected.

Depending upon your e-mail settings, your application may be stored in the outbox of your mail client until the next time you physically send mail from your outbox.

Privacy Information

The information you provide will be kept as part of your personell record with Driver Line Limited. When no employment is offered or where an offer is not taken up within 4 weeks of an offer being made then your personell record will be deleted and any paper and/or electronic record destroyed.

For employees, your personell file will be kept updated during your employed period and will be retained for a period of up to six years after your employemnts is ended.

Your personal information and other data provided will only be amended, monitored or referenced by approved human resources staff.

By submitting the form you agree that your personal information can be held and used by Driver Line Limited within its normal business activity including checking references and licences with third parties. You also agree that we can share personal contact and licence details with our customers who require to be in contact with you and may also need to arrange individual insucrance cover.

You will be mailed or emailed or SMS messaged pay and company information, you must agree that this data may be shared with hiring customers where appropriate.

You have the right to request personal records be deleted six years after your employment with Driver Line Limited is terminated.