Forms & Safety Information


Time sheet Form

Use one form for each customer placed with during the week - refer to this link for an example on how to complete this form accurately.

Working Time Form

If you are regularly exceeding 48 hours per working week you need to maintain a record of hours worked, on duty and those recorded as POA and submit the Working Time Form to the office for document retention.

Essential Safety Information

Always ask of the customer, at the start of an assignment, to make you aware of any hazards they have identified in their workplace and working environment that you, similar to their own employees, should be made aware of.

When you attend a work assignment you must ensure that you are wearing PPE; at minimum safety shoes or boots and a high visibility jacket. We have requested that our customers turn away any Driver Line Ltd. employee who attends their place of work without the proper safety attire.

Safety around fork lift trucks

Manual Handling - proper technique

Trailer loading techniques

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